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When you pay your deposit it will be deemed that the terms and conditions as detailed below are understood and accepted and apply to your order.



All prices are provided according to your exact design and the size of your cake.

Following consultation / enquiry, your quote will be value 2 weeks (celebration cake) and 4 weeks (wedding cake). Paying a deposit will secure this price and the slot in my diary.


A non-refundable deposit of £15 (celebration cakes) or £50 (wedding cakes) is required into order to secure your order on your chosen date with me.

If deposit is not paid within this timescale then I reserve the right to cancel any previous quotes / enquiries.

Deposits can be paid in cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Please advise when payment is sent.


Payment of the outstanding balance in full should be made on collection (celebration cake) or 4 weeks before the date (wedding cake). 

Payments of this will be accepted by bank transfer or cash only.

Please advise when payment is sent. A receipt will follow.

If full payment is not received within the timescale the order will not be released.*

*in the event of this happening Louise’s Bespoke Bakes has the right to offer the order for sale to other clients via social media advertising.


If cancellation of an order takes place Louise’s Bespoke Bakes reserves the right to retain your non refundable deposit (£15 or £50). If cancellation takes place less than 7 days before then event then Louises’s Bespoke Bakes reserves the right to seek the outstaning value of the order.

Cancellation must be made in writing via email or social media messaging services. The order cancellation will only take effect from the date the email or message is received by Louise’s Bespoke Bakes.

In the event of postponement Louise’s Bespoke Bakes will endevour to transfer your order and deposit providing the date is available within Louise’s Bespoke Bakes diary. (This will be confirmed during correspondance). If the date is unavailable this will be treated as a cancellation.

Louise’s Bespoke Bakes retains the right to cancel the booking in very unusual circumstances beyond my control, such as ill health or fire. Should this happen a refund of any monies received towards the cancelled booking will be returned.



It is your responsibility to read and check the quote thoroughly. If no designs are offered yet a deposit paid, any design will be to the design specification written and for the amount provided in the quote.

If requested, Louise’s Bespoke Bakes will endeavour to adjust the design where possible – sometimes this is not possible due to the nature of the request or the notice given. If the change of design affects the cost, or preperation work has already started on your original design then your balance would be adjusted accordingly. 

Please advise Louise’s Bespoke Bakes if you are unsure of your design / theme when you pay your deposit.

Louise’s Bespoke Bakes reserves the right to change the design at any point if circumstances beyond our control may compromise the quality of the finished cake, eg: melting due to weather.

Each cake is made by hand and although every effort is made to ensure consistency there may be some slight variation from the design requested / picture supplied.


Louise’s Bespoke Bakes recommends that extreme caution is taken if considering one of the above options for a summer (May – September) wedding. Louise’s Bespoke Bakes cannot accept responsibility for any melting / dryness of the cake once the cake has left our possession as we have no control over the environment or venue temperature. Louise’s Bespoke Bakes can advise on designs that are less susceptible to melting and will do everything within our control to reduce the impact of the environment / venue temperature to reduce the impact on your cake.


If you would like fresh flowers on your cake then please state this when ordering / enquirying. Louise’s Bespoke Bakes do not supply fresh flowers. This will be for you to discuss with your florist. Louise’s Bespoke Bakes will happily talk to you or the florist about size and positioning if required.

Louise’s Bespoke Bakes will not take responsibility for any damage rendered to the cake caused by any floral arrangement implemented by your florist.


Louise’s Bespoke Bakes bakes in the family home and in that environment nuts and wheat as well as dairy items are used so we can not guarantee that your cake will be free from them.

Whilst Louise’s Bespoke Bakes will bake gluten free cakes there is a risk of cross contamination due to the nature of the kitchen and other ingredients used within it.

Louise’s Bespoke Bakes does not offer dairy free cakes at this time.


Most of Louise’s Bespoke Bakes cakes will contain a small proportion of inedible items; it’s the clients responsibility to ensure that these are removed by your caterer or guests before consumption. Eg; support dowels in tiered cakes, ribbon, wires in sugar flowers, flower picks etc


Delivery charges are calculated on a mileage and time basis. Alternatively, cakes can be collected from Louise’s Bespoke Bakes premises. 

If you choose delivery, it is Louise’s Bespoke Bakes intention that your cake will be delivered in perfect condition prior to the start of the event. However it is asked for patience with factors that may be beyond our control such as traffic. 

In some circumstances we may ask that the cake be delivered the evening before. If this is the case it is your responsibility to inform the venue and confirm a time with them and advise Louise’s Bespoke Bakes. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you inform Louise’s Bespoke Bakes on the correct wedding time plus the name and address of the venue. It is also your responsibility to advise a time that the cake can be delivered from and until.

In the unlikely event of a late delivery, the maximum compensation will be a refund of the delivery cost (not the time basis).

Louise’s Bespoke bakes will not be held liable for any damage that is rendered to the cake at the venue once we have left the premises. It is with this in mind that we require somebody responsible, to check that they are happy with the cake before we leave.

Should you order your wedding cake and choose collection, Louise’s Bespoke Bakes will provide an anti slip mat for the boot of your car. We will also offer advise on transportation (cake will always be more secure in the box, on an anti slip mat and in the FLAT boot of your car).

Tiered cakes are most at risk during transport; we strongly recommend checking your wedding insurance to ensure it covers and damaged occurred during transportation.


Louise’s Bespoke Bakes has a few stands available for hire (only to wedding cake clients). These are rented at a cost of £15 for 5 days. A security deposit will be required of £50 CASH. This will be returned when the stand is returned in tact after inspection.


Cake decorations are extremely delicate and fragile. Louise’s Bespoke Bakes does not accept responsibility for damage that is done to the cake after it has left our possession.

If any damage is done after the cake has left our possession you can advise us and we will offer advice on the possibility of a repair and how where possible.


The portion guide is a guide only. The number of portions cut from your cake will vary depending on how you or your caterers cut it.


Your cake is baked to be as fresh it can be for the date of delivery / collection you have provided. Louise’s Bespoke Bakes cannot guarantee its quality if the cake is consumed more than 48 hours after the event.

Our cakes will not have as prolonged a shelf life as most supermarket cakes due to the nature of their fresh ingredients and lack of additives and preservatives. You can freeze the cake and this would preserve the taste of the sponge. During the defrost process though, the visual affect of the cake may alter. Food hygiene states that food should be frozen for a maximum of 3 months only.


Louise’s Bespoke Bakes takes all packaging and boxes away when we leave the premises after wedding cake delivery. If you are planning on keeping any of the tiers or leftover cake please advise beforehand so that a box can be left at the venue.


If you have any concerns about your cake please notify us upon seeing a photo which is always sent within 24 hours of the event. We would then have the opportunity to rectify it in time if possible. 

Any other concerns should be made in writing via email alongside any evidence of the fault. No refunds will be given for changing of mind. Any refunds will be made at the discretion of Louise’s Bespoke Bakes.

Louise’s Bespoke Bakes is proud of their professional service at all times and thanks you for booking.

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